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Product Failure Investigation

We have many years of experience in evaluating and determining the causes and mechanisms of failure of .

of cutlery, flatware, knives, blades, kitchen gadgets, tools and cookware

Much of this work is done for Trading Standards Authorities in the UK, consumer bodies, retailers, distributors and manufacturers throughout the world.

Recently, we have investigated the following:

Corrosion/ rust in Dishwashing Machines
Weld, Solder and Brazing Failures
Staining, Rusting and Tarnishing
Inadequate and Unsafe Design and Manufacture
Premature Loss of Sharpness and Cutting Ability
Metallic and Plastic Fracture and Fatigue of Products
Environmental Corrosion and Stress Cracking
Loss of Lustre, Polish and Discoloration
Human Physiological Reaction to Materials and Products
Product Contamination from Packaging Materials

In addition, we offer advice and consultancy to product designers, specifiers and manufacturers in failure avoidance and prevention.


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