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Suitable for testing Firmness of Handle Attachment to

EN 8442 : 1 : Clause 6.3

EN 8442-2 Clause 7.3

EN 8442-4 : Clause 7.4

BS 6813 : Clause 5.3.1a and 5.3.2a

BS 5577 Clause 6.3.1a and 6.3.2a

The equipment comprises a screw clamp assembly and two cylindrical weights which are attached to the clamp assembly be hooks, except in the case of testing to EN 8442-1 where a total of five weights are supplied.

In the case of kitchen knives and tableware the sample is held by hand with a toggle clamp. When the clamp is attached either the single or combined weights may be hung from the clamp to provide a pull load when the sample handle is lifted to raise the weights from the floor.

For larger knives it is necessary to have a supported clamp with the heavier weights supported and lowered by a jacking system. The equipment is black oxide coated and has a full calibration certificate.

The equipment is blade oxide coated and has a full calibration certificate.

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