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Designed and Manufactured by CATRA

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Specifications Wash area size 500 mm x 500 mm x 500 mm
Construction All stainless steel

Utilising this test equipment, Test Labs and manufacturers can very quickly assess the resistance and suitability of products to be washed in a propriety dishwashing machine. Although dishwashers have become a major labour saving device in the modern kitchen, many items such as cutlery, crockery and glass can be severely affected by the automated dishwashing process. It is essential therefore that manufacturers and retailers of products requiring washing are fully aware of the risks, This machine can very quickly evaluate the risks of corrosion, loss of gloss, cloudiness, marking and many other points of failure. The device is suitable for testing all items that are normally placed in a dishwashing machine, such as cutlery , kitchen knives, kitchen gadgets, cookware, glassware, glasses, pottery, ceramics, plates , cups etc, including many plastic items.

This dishwashing machine is designed by CATRA to meet the requirements of the European Standard EN12875-1 and has the following features.

Typically one complete test is carried out in approximately 85minutes including a full drying cycle. As the machine is totally automatic it can carry on running unattended for up to 48 hours in which time over 30 wash cycles will have been completed.

The basic machine is fitted with a cationic water softener, but dependent on actual local water supply where the machine is to be situated, it may be necessary to install an additional external water softener to meet the standard requirements.

CATRA offers independent and confidential testing services using the Dishwasher test machine

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