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CATRAHONE Diamond Power Knife Sharpener

Home, Hobby, Domestic Chef and semi Professional use
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Price £77.00 with free Worldwide shipping

Produces very sharp knives and maximum life between sharpening, proved by extensive objective cutting tests, click for details  making it one of the World's best domestic electric knife sharpeners

Suitable for all sizes of plain edge and most serrated / scalloped knives including concaved edge knives such as pruning knives     

Will even resharpen your craft utility knife blades such as Stanley, Lenox etc

Consistent sharpness on every knife, with every user

No skill required, if you can use a knife you can use a CATRAHONE   

Creates a smooth honed cutting edge, not a torn jagged one, like some sharpeners   

Does not scratch the blade sides, unlike many other domestic sharpeners

Restores worn out cutting edges in under 2 minutes

Diamond honing wheels allow maintenance sharpening in less than 20 seconds/knife  

Easy to clean and maintain, built - in dust magnet reduces airborne contamination

No adjustment required – optimum geometry sharpening preset

Lightweight and portable, strong plastic body, non slip rubber feet on the base   

Just plug in and sharpen, safe to use with no open moving parts

Designed and developed in Sheffield, England by CATRA the World's leading knife technology organisation

Left handed version available, providing natural comfortable operation for left handers



Sharpened angle                        -         34° total included angle ( equivalent to 17°/ side)
Grinding Wheel Diameter          -         20 mm
Motor                                         -         24v DC from normal 240/110 v supply via universal plug
Noise Level                                -         < 80 dBa ( whisper quiet)
Size                                            -         200 mm x 60 mm x 80 mm( fits kitchen drawer)
Weight                                       -         1Kg
Use                                            -         Domestic, home, hobby, sandwich shops, restaurants and cafe

CE marked                                 -         Yes


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MONEY Back Guarantee /12 month warranty

Secure card payment facilities via SSL Volusion online shop withVisa/ MasterCard or PayPal

Available exclusively from the manufacturer via CATRA's own web shop ( Worldwide)

or call at our offices on Henry Street, Sheffield, S3 7EQ open GMT 9.00 to 17.30

or if you want to buy by phone with a credit card, call +44 ( 0) 1142769736

1- 2 day delivery in UK

10-12 days delivery rest of the World


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Customer product reviews

CATRAHONE It's not a pretty colour, it has no gizmos, would look at home in a workshop, but it works like a dream. Having always struggled, and failed, with numerous knife sharpening tools, I was sceptical about this, especially given its modest price. I was wrong, it put sharp edges on old knives of indifferent quality in no time at all and has transformed the preparation of food in our kitchen. No more hacking at loaves, ragged vegetables and poorly carved meat. It is the sort of present that will make a big difference to the day-to-day life of the recipient. I will be ordering some for friends and family this Christmas.

G Wright , Horsham UK *****

I bought the first unit for me, it is brilliant.
The second for our son for Christmas.
Now I am buying unit No3 for other son for his birthday. He was jealous of us!!

AB Queenstown, New Zealand *****

" We liked it so much we bought a second one for our holiday home" KG Devon UK ****

"Can I say I am absolutely delighted with the results.  I am a retired chef and I have always found it difficult to keep a keen edge on modern knives especially in a domestic kitchen.  I have now honed all my knives and they are now back to what I regard as a professional standard.

Thanks again for an excellent product. " David Baker, UK *****

"Absolutely brilliant product, my kitchen knives have never been so sharp.  They were not that sharp when they were new. Thanks again for a great product and a quick delivery. " F. Bickley    Wigan  Lancashire, UK *****


"My sharpener arrived today, I am SO impressed with it. It works so well and after buying several other sharpeners I really rate this one, it works! I will be recomending it to everyone. Thank you. AJ Portlaoise Republic of Ireland *****

" So much faster than my whetstone and just as good a sharpness"

TJ Singapore ***



Disposal- As all electrical equipment should be disposed of in the correct manner in respect of your local requirements, in the UK and EEC CATRA will accept returned old units for safe disposal under the Waste Electrical and Electronic Regulation. You are advised the item carries a crossed out wheel bin symbol that reminds you not to dispose of the item in general household waste , but to deal with it in a manner advised by local legisaltion.



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