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Designed and Manufactured by CATRA

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The device is used in conjunction with a conventional metallurgical type microscope to allow optical examination around the tip of a blade edge.

The unit enables the user to see all the different facets on a particular blade and read off on a side scale the angle of each facet.

Clear visualisation of the edge form allows understanding of the type of edge, i.e. microserrated due to grinding scratches, or plain due to high levels of polishing.

On worn blades the areas of wear can be easily identified and analysed.

The blade is mounted within the unit such that the cutting edge is at the centre of rotation of the device.
( This allows the blade to be rotated under the microscope whilst the blade tip remains in focus at all angles of observation.)

The device is usually manufactured to suit the client's microscope and range of blades.

The unit can be designed to suit all edges between razors and large machine knife blades.

The Goniometer can be used in quality control, research, development and failure investigation activities.

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